About Jon Cardin


Dedication, honesty, and transparency — this is my promise to you.

I devoted my career in public service to standing up for the most vulnerable. During a time of groundbreaking strides for civil and equal rights in Maryland, I sponsored legislation and vigorously fought for equality for all Marylanders. A tireless advocate for our youth, I sponsored the toughest anti-cyber bullying law in the nation. Working to protect consumers,  I took on big corporations by increasing penalties for companies who play fast and loose with consumer credit information. And, as an avid protector of the Chesapeake Bay and Maryland’s unique natural treasures, I implemented incentives to expand solar power, hybrid technologies, and bio-solid renewable fuel sources. 

With your vote, I will work tirelessly to advance these and other issues, stay ahead of emerging threats to our community, listen to your concerns, and advocate for what’s most important to you in the Maryland House of Delegates.

Since 2002, the Law Offices of Jon S. Cardin, P.A. in Baltimore has been representing clients before civil and criminal courts around the state as well as in federal tribunals.  In 2016, Cardin additionally partnered with Councilman Johnny Olszweski Sr. to open CWO Strategies, managing issues in public affairs, regulatory compliance, media relations, crisis management, and community and government relations. 

Jon represented the 11th District of Northwest Baltimore County in the Maryland House of Delegates for three terms from 2003 to 2014.  As part of the Ways and Means committee, Jon focused his legislative agenda on protections for children and families, election law, education reform, environmental policy, and tax code. As Chairman of the Election Law subcommittee of the Ways and Means Committee from 2007 to 2014, Jon knows nothing is more sacred to democracy than the right to vote, and he was one of the state’s leading voices for open government, campaign finance reform, and fair elections.

Jon grew up in a family uniquely dedicated to public service in Maryland. In the legislature, he sat in a seat formerly occupied by his uncle, Senator Ben Cardin, great uncle, Delegate Maurice Cardin, and grandfather, the Honorable Judge Meyer Cardin. With no lack of powerful role-models around the table at weekly family dinners, Cardin learned early the value of humility and service – principles that continue to guide his life and work today.

Cardin earned a Juris Doctor with Honors from the University of Maryland School of Law in 2001. He received Master’s degree in Policy Sciences from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and a Masters degree with Honors in Judaic Studies from Baltimore Hebrew University (now at Towson University), both in 1996. Cardin has a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Tufts University, graduating in 1992.  He is a 1988 alumnus of The Park School.

Prior to studying law, Cardin was recruited as executive director of The Project Judaica Foundation in Washington, DC from 1996 to 1998.  He began his career teaching Spanish and coaching lacrosse and basketball as faculty at Mercersburg from 1992 to 1994.

Cardin participates in a wide range of activities in our community. He has served on multiple boards and committees, most recently joining the board of the Jewish Community Center of Baltimore.  His chairmanship of the National Conference of State Legislatures’ Election Law Taskforce and The American Council of Young Political Leaders led to speaking engagements around the country where he discussed current issues of diplomacy and election security and reform.  During the 2017 season, he coached his daughter’s soccer team with the Sacred Heart League.

Jon lives with his wife, Megan, their daughters, Dorothy Maya and Micah Honor, and their dog, Matilda. They attend Beth Tfiloh synagogue. In his free time, Jon enjoys watching Dorothy and Micah grow up, walking his dog, running and swimming. Jon and the entire Cardin gang still make weekly dinners a priority. 

Select Accomplishments:

  •  A staunch and early supporter of marriage equality and other LGBTQ rights, including transgender equality.
  • One of Maryland’s most effective legislators on campaign finance reform and voter protection, spearheading the fight for same day voter registration, increased transparency and accountability for super-PACs and other outside campaign spending, public financing of political campaigns, and defeating voter suppression laws. 
  • A leading voice—and sponsor of bills—for increased funding for mental health and developmental disability resources.
  • Stalwart supporter for preserving Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body. 
  • Advocate of rights and opportunities for Maryland's underserved, from securing increased funding for Baltimore City Public Schools to ensuring laws do not discriminate against minorities and other underserved groups.
  • Former Chairman of the Election Law subcommittee, carrying the charge to protect one of our most sacred civil liberties – the right to vote – and successfully blocking voter suppression efforts across our state, as well as taking protective measures against election fraud.
  • Supporter of common-sense gun reform, including the Governor’s Firearms Safety Act of 2013 and the Maryland assault weapons ban, to keep weapons of out of the hands of criminals.
  • A leading voice for combating gang violence in our community, including a supporter of the Maryland Gang Prosecution Act of 2007 which established tougher accountability measures for schools to monitor gang involvement.
  • Supporter of Megan’s Law, which set tougher penalties for sex offenders, rapists and child abusers.
  • Along with being author and sponsor of Grace’s law, one of the toughest anti-cyber bullying laws in the nation, led the passage of a bill requiring every school to develop a plan to combat bullying.
  • A leader in the fight to end the devastating effects of human trafficking, which pull thousands of young men and women into a cycle of exploitation and abuse every year.  Cardin co-sponsored  legislation to strip convicted human traffickers of the profits of their crimes. 
  • Led the fight against predatory lending practices that hurt Maryland families, such as payday loans and advance loans.
  • Co-sponsored legislation to crack down on corporations that use deceptive advertisements for automotive sales, clothing sales, and food labeling to intentionally fool Maryland consumers.
  • Embraced President Obama’s forward-thinking healthcare legislation, sharing the belief that everyone deserves quality, affordable healthcare without limitations based on pre-existing conditions, age, or gender.
  • Sponsored first of its kind legislation to help prevent large energy companies from coming into your backyard and taking your land to build dangerous gas lines that could cause deadly explosions or contaminate our precious natural resources.
  • Recognizing that traffic enforcement technology designed to protect Marylanders can also have inherent weaknesses, led an effort to reform speed camera programs statewide by requiring increased accountability, transparency and accuracy. 
  • Sponsored numerous pieces of legislation to revitalize the Chesapeake Bay – a national treasure and economic jewel of Maryland – including taking action to limit storm water runoff, implement Smart Growth practices, close incentives for businesses to contaminate the Bay (and the environment at-large), and hold polluters responsible, as well as establish an oyster shell recycling program.
  • Introduced legislation to increase recycling at state office buildings and to expand the State’s “green portfolio.”
  • Supported incentives to businesses and individuals who reduce their carbon footprints and create next-generation energy jobs.
  • Supported initiatives to improve the air quality across our state such as the clean indoor and outdoor air acts.
  • Maintained a 97 percent lifetime environmental voting record; served as Chairman of the Legislative Bicycle Caucus; and identified opportunities to incentivize state employees to live healthy lifestyles and enjoy more time outdoors.